Prypiat_smallChernobyl: four people recall the disaster which traumatised Europe. How did they feel about being exposed to the radiation? And how did it change their lives? The answers are both sad and surprising.

Diogenes_smallLost in translation: the weird and wonderful idioms from all over Europe which ought to be part of the English language. This time: the ancient Romans had goats in their armpits.

coffee_small"Just found an ITALIAN coffee place. Don't expect me to come back soon, I am saved!" When Paulina Landes arrived in India, she was overwhelmed by the sights and smells of a completely different continent. Then she discovered "mall heaven"...

cream_tea_small"What would the world do without tea?" British Prime Minister Gladstone was a fan of the drink, as are most Europeans today. But tea had to travel many miles to become a central part of European cuisine.

Abbas_Khider_smallAbbas Khider left his home in Iraq as a refugee, wandered across the Middle East and eventually found himself in the continent of his dreams. His recommendation? The poetry of Hilde Domin, a fellow refugee with a completely different story.

trovadores_smallYou'd never take a lute and sing to impress your beloved, but stop for a moment and listen to these old folk songs about love. You might discover they're more moving than you ever thought...

Knight_in_tigers_skin_small"The Knight in the Tiger's Skin" - a powerful Georgian epic of adventure, love and philosophy. Created by the mysterious Shotha Rustaveli, the gallant hero Tariel has more than earned his place at Arthur's Round Table.

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