mental health mainA recent study shows that almost 165 million people suffer from mental health problems in Europe, but only about one-third receive necessary therapy or medication. E&M investigates the declining trend of mental health across the continent.   

top_eva-britt_svensson_tA survivor of domestic violence, Swedish MEP Eva-Britt Svensson is determined to put a stop to gender-based violence and make women's voices heard in Europe. 

happiness_smallDoes GDP tell you anything about how people feel? The new Better Life Index finds other ways to measure quality of life - and maybe it can tell you which should be your new favourite country... 

ararat_thumbThe stigma of the bloody history between Armenia and Turkey still lingers despite talks about reopening the border. Looking at Mount Ararat, our two authors talk candidly.

flop_volen_siderov_tNo longer just a political joke as he used to be, Volen Siderov is riding the popularity wave with his right-wing rhetoric of hatred, intolerance and aggression during this hard time in Europe.  

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