The Scandinavian guy who thinks he is an American frat boy after two weeks in college

Main characteristics:

He is called Mads, "but you can just call me Matt, duuude." He went to the USA to study because he watched basically every American frat boy movie in the world and wanted to be in the cast of American Pie (the first one, not the ones where they all have girlfriends and get married). Once settled in his fraternity dorm, he enthusiastically organises – and usually wins – beer pong tournaments, wet t-shirt competitions, and hot-dog-eating championships... Name any random activity, and Mads will burst out: "You know what, dude, that would be a really great theme for our next fraternity barbeque!" The only thing Mads is not enthusiastic about is studying, and the American educational system and its many tests do not agree with him at all.

Photo: Karen Neoh (CC-BY-SA 2.0)
Red Truck Beer Kegs, and lots of them - Mads' wet dream

Memorable quotes:

"Dude, did you see that girl? I bet she has breast implants!"

"Dude, I am so going to fail this test. Can you do something about it? Help a brother out, man!"

When honestly baffled by something: "Duuude…"

Favourite thing about USA:

The parties. The girls. The parties that girls actually attend.

Called Eurotrash by:

Somewhat intellectual American girls who will not admit that his blond, Nordic appearance actually attracts them.

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