The overly affectionate Southern European

Main characteristics:

Photo: TheDeliciousLife (CC-BY-2.0)
Among other things, Jorge's mama provides him with traditional E-Spanish chorizo

Jorge is from Spain, or E-Spain, as he adorably pronounces it. His slight lisp and his way of maintaining intense eye attracts a lot of girls, who find him dramatic and sensual. He has hour-long talks on the phone in which he passionately discusses something – even people who know Spanish will not be able to follow the conversation because he talks so fast. The girls who are into him will imagine that he is defending the rights of the less fortunate / the art museum that is about to be demolished / the poor shepherd from his mountain village. In fact, he is arguing with his mom about whether he is allowed to stay out past 10pm at weekends - even though she has no way of checking whether he actually follows her rules, he would never do something that would disappoint his mama.

Memorable quotes:

While maintaining intense eye contact: "Is your ‘amburger… Good?"

While maintaining intense eye contact: "I do not have any classes… Today."

While maintaining intense eye contact: "Okay, see you… Later."


Julie is 24 and originally from Germany, but she wrote this article from far away in California, USA. She's currently studying American literature and doesn't have much time to do anything else!

Asked what Europe means to her, she replies: "Living away from Europe, I'm almost jealous of people who live there in a way. Europe will always be my home (much more than Germany is), no matter where I live."

Favourite thing about USA:

The packages his mama sends him with local treats from E-Spain

Called Eurotrash by:

Latinos who think his lisp is ridiculous and that he is invading their territory by having a more intense gaze than them.

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