Cossack_Mamay_smallSome songs last for centuries. Across the vast steppe, you can hear the grasses rustling - and the sound of the slow, mournful folksongs of the Ukrainian Cossacks.

fishmonger_smallFound in the treasure chests of the English language: useful words, strange phrases, Shakespearean quips... This time: are you listful or wistless?

egleilarioportadaWho says an Erasmus love is always about culture differences? Egle and Ilario had to go to Valencia to fall in love with somebody who spoke their own language - and actually lived less than 200 km away.

basil_small2Students across Europe keep a jar of pesto in the fridge, and feel truly "Italian." But what should really be in pesto? And what happens when you combine it with potato salad?

Croesus_smallLost in translation: the weird and wonderful idioms from all over Europe which ought to be part of the English language. This time: would you like to be as rich as Croesus?

india_rockIndia. Europeans follow The Beatles, going there in search of the old clichés: spirituality, self-discovery - and music. But what about the Indians who go in search of some rock'n'roll?

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