5. Stay informed & involved

If you don't know about the impact of your consumption, it's hard to improve your behaviour. Read newspapers, magazines, blogs, or even a whole book on sustainable consumption. Get involved in sustainable initiatives to improve the quality of life in your area. And share your knowledge and interests with people around you!

4. Check your diet

The aspect of our consumption that we connect most easily to nature is food. All the grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meat that we eat every day have different environmental impacts. Read up the impacts of different products and adapt your diet! Small hint: red meat has an enormous water and carbon footprint!

3. Choose low impact mobility

Check what is the most sustainable but also feasible way to get to work. Is it possible to walk or cycle? Can you make use of public transport? Are other people commuting on the same route who you could start car pooling with? Be strategic and combine business trips with holidays! And if you don't want to mess up your carbon footprint: don't fly!

2. Slow down

The formula "work less, so that you earn less and consume less and have more time and be happier" sounds weird at first. Sometimes working and earning more is necessary to make a living. In many other cases it is supposed to finance a better life in which the time is missing in the end. Does this apply to some of the decisions you have taken? Then remember it for future decisions. Free time is often better than "stuff".

1. Consume not just better but also less

Don't lie to yourself! Of course, it is good to recycle waste, not to use plastic bags, buy energy-saving light bulbs, organic cotton and organic food. But if the total volume of your consumption – the computers, mobile phones, "necessary" flights, extensive hot showers etc – doesn't decrease, you don't do much good to the environment. The efficiency of individual products is outweighed by the sheer amount of goods and services we consume. Don't just green your appearance, but make your life-style truly sustainable! Not easy...


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