15_fetishism_croppedIn World of Fetishism, we unravel a range of fetishes, from common ones to obsessions you may never have heard of. We're aiming for explicit - nothing is too weird!

16_HotFacts_Burlesque_teaserWomen have combined cheekiness and humour with erotic moves to tease men for centuries. We've taken a look at the burlesque and the can-can, two very European sorts of raunchy mockery!

16_Aphrodisiac_teaser_imageCan champagne turn you on? Can chocolate get you horny? Read on to find out more about some of the world's most popular aphrodisiacs.

16_Snapshots_teaserShe is the goddess of sex and love, the patron of prostitutes and impure desire, and has given name to sexual symbols all across Europe. Who is this sexual divinity? Read on to find out.

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