The next stop on our journey through the World of Fetishism is cuckoo, and by cuckoo we don't mean crazy. Let's have a look at the male fetish for seeing a partner have sex with another person, also known as cuckoldry.

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Cuckoo bird

Would it turn you on to watch your partner have sex with someone else? Or do you fantasise about having intercourse with a man and have your boyfriend watch you do it? In other words, do you have a fetish for infidelity? If you do, you have what one might call "a cuckolding fetish." And you are not alone: this fetish is quite popular. Apparently there are plenty of men in the world who get a kick out of watching their women screw someone else. The name derives from the cuckoo bird, whose females lay eggs in the nests of other birds so that the cuckoo doesn't have to raise its own offspring. Sneaky.

It seems that cuckolding is a fetish popular amongst intellectuals, or as author Anneli Rufus writes, it is "S&M for Ph.Ds." Why do these men (aka "cucks") enjoy watching the infidelity of their partners (aka "hotwives")? Biology explains it with "sperm competition;" the biological urge when you watch your partner have sex with another man, is to compete with the sperm of that man by having sex with your partner. Psychology explains it with sadomasochism; some enjoy physical pain during sex, for instance by being spanked, bitten, having nipples pinched. Similarly, some enjoy pain in a psychological way. Cucks, Rufus writes, "observe their wives' infidelities, they don't participate. And that's why they find it a turn-on: they're left out, looking on as the woman they love climaxes with a better man than them.../... Cucks get aroused by mental anguish."

"The biological urge when you watch your partner have sex with another man, is to compete with the sperm of that man."

We've tried to wrap our heads around the cuckolding fetish by finding out what a few cucks and hotwives have to say.

Image: French painting of cuckoldry (PD)
The Celebration of the Order of Cuckoldry before the throne of her majesty, Infidelity

Tobias, a cuckold fetishist, says: "She often looks at me and says that the other guy is a thousand times better than I will ever be. It pains me to watch her with him, going at it like wild animals. Yet nothing could turn me on more."

Ben, a cuck, says he loves lending his girlfriend to others since it makes him horny to watch her climax with another man. Eliza, his hotwife, says, "It makes me feel amazing, so powerful and desired. I generally love being dominant in bed and this is the ultimate form of dominance - I'm having sex with another man and he is forced to watch. There's nothing he can do about it, I have absolute power."

"I'm having sex with another man and he is forced to watch. There's nothing he can do about it, I have absolute power."

So, there you have it, cuckolding in a nut shell. World of Fetishism is back next time with yet another spicy fetish story, don't miss out!


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