Sevanavank_monastry_at_Lake_Sevan_Armenia_thumbnailMany people are unaware that the EU is increasingly involved in the South Caucasus through the Eastern Partnership Initiative. Is it worth the risk to to be drawn into a messy situation?

flop_thumbExaggeration, inaccuracy, oversimplification and hate-mongering. No one wants to describe society's "fourth pillar" like this. But the Eurocrisis has turned out to be a serious test for national media in Europe.

Havel_thumbMany have known Václav Havel as a dissident and politician who influenced the history of the Czech Republic. But he was also a thought-provoking political philosopher, a poet and a playwright. What can Europe learn from Havel?

democracy2Recent economic turmoils in the European Union have raised questions about democracy, or the lack of such, in the EU. Are we truly (un)democratic?  

umberto_klein_rightHistorian, writer and public intellectual Umberto Eco is concerned with the complexity of life rather than simple truths: a European warning voice when stereotypes find their way into the public discourse.

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