michael_stavaric_smallThe award-winning novelist Michael Stavarič recommends "one of the most unbelievable texts ever to be written on the topic of 'Europe.'"

degenerate_music_teaserThe rhythm of Europe in the 1930s was a sinister, thudding march. But many young people followed a different beat: they danced to the music of swing.

weddingTenerifesmallThe warm Canary Islands and freezing Poland might seem two worlds apart, but for Paula and Pawel, it was just perfection - or at least, they learned how to make it work.

Fish_and_chips_teaserDo you like your fish and chips with turmeric and chillies? Follow Christiane Warmbein to India to taste some fusion food.

Goody_Two-ShoesSpecial edition! We asked the E&M team to tell us their favourite idioms in their native languages. Read on to find out what it means when "the broccoli is over."

erotic_capitalHoney Money is the provocative name of a recent book about how women can, and should, use their attractiveness to get what they want. We investigated whether this idea makes any sense in the context of Eastern Europe.

pearly_jacketFound in the treasure chests of the English language: useful words, strange phrases, Shakespearean quips... This time: can you tell Cockney from Mockney?

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