arabspringwomansmall"Revolution" has become a common word in the Arab countries, but not that many know how to manage it. Here's some advice on how to become a successful human rights activist in the MENA region.

metelkova_doorHave you heard of Christiania? Of course you have. But Denmark is not the only place to hide a parallel universe within its capital! If you are interested in an alternative to busy Copenhagen, let's introduce you to: Ljubljana's Metelkova!

800px-Wohlgenahrte_StadttaubensmallGreen Gems gets a bit grey in this issue... We talk about pigeons, and why maybe you should think twice before calling them "flying rats" again.

transnistria_mapYou've surely heard: Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words. We think this is especially true when talking about a journey. In this issue, E&M invites you to travel through Transnistria, right now.

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