And there are those for whom the idea of an integrated Europe seems to be their worst nightmare.
The first from the gallery of FLOP Europeans is Miroslaw Orzechowski, the Polish politician who wants to change the Constitution because of a football match.

Europeans have always had common beliefs about Europe. Some of them, however wide spread, were absolute rubbish. In each issue we test a common belief about Europe and try to figure out if it is true or a myth. We start with a sensitive topic for every patriot: The Eurovision Song Contest. Did the Eastern European acts win the last contests because of neighbourhood solidarity?

There are people who are driven by the idea of a united Europe. They support the process of integration in public, in political arenas or in civil society. Today we start with David Miliband, the UK's Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

To make fun of Russian youths, young Latvians celebrate "urla" parties, only one example of an enmity that has lasted for decades. Liva from Latvia and Ksenia from Russia, two young Europeans, try to find ways of understanding each other: starting with two letters of apology, of accusation and their histories of a tragic time.

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