What is more European than the European Championship? Adrian Pfaff explains how you can understand Europe by watching young men with gifted feet on TV... And why it doesn't matter what you eat for breakfast.

„Fortunately, he didnt' have to be afraid of cultural differences – he was an educated Christian, he knew Latin and he travelled a lot, so he felt at home in any part of the land which the emperors called Cristianitas.“ A story.

"Brussels" is a bad word. It means everything that's neither cool nor funky, neither young nor entertaining. Yet somehow what is ugly, can often be fascinating: the strangest lines of the European legislation.

What type of student are you? Which of the Greats could be your role model?

In this issue:

Erasmus of Rotterdam vs. the jet setter - what does it take to give your name to a student exchange programme in the year 2500?

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