traffickingWe don't know if you claim to do a good deed every day. But now you have at least the chance to do a good deed every 3 months. Each issue we present a NGO which is worth supporting.

Erasmus Couple

There are countless Erasmus love stories. There are funny, strange and heartbreaking stories. In this issue we tell the romantic one: Read the story of Susu and Fede. Weird but true.

Suppe klein

Ever tried strawberries with sour cream? If you are not Polish you probaly haven't. We invite you to taste Europe. For E&M the Bulgarian cook Alexander Dimitrov created a European menu.


Never before have there been so many people in love across borders. Manuel writes about the problems they face and possible solutions. Lesson 1: The language problem.

Strange MocheniOur author Boris Ludwig just turned 18. When we asked him to write about traditions in Europe he already had a topic in mind: How do children of the 90's all over Europe celebrate this day?

Which book should each young European have read? Saša Stanišić, author of the novel How the Soldier Repairs the Gramophone, answers this question.

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