"Holiday love" sounds great, but only if you know all the "dos and don'ts" of dating in a foreign city. So, here's your special European dating book, city by city. This time: One Date in English Midlands with Ingvild and Srdjan.

Hi! Are u wired or wireless, at your laptop or your computer at work? It doesn't matter...one click and u can have a date... a one night stand... a soul mate... nothing... want to have a chat?;)

Did you know...? Sun, icecream and dating are the three key words for this summer, but what if we asked you which nationality you'd prefer to date? Our columnist Kathrin Enenkel reveals the facts about international dating.  Enjoy!

We are watching you! Our writers are paparazzi: they give us quick glimpses of situations which say something about sexuality in Europe. This time it's Polona Zajec and STYLE--> Norwegian chat: Vienna- Munich.

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