Lake Constance marks the border between the three German-speaking countries in Europe. But does a common language create cultural kinship? Andrea from Switzerland and Christoph from Germany discuss

Jean-Marie Le Pen is the oldest member of the European Parliament. A wise old man? Our columnist says no: Le Pen represents yesterday's Europe and we should be glad that the Parliament's protocol was changed

Comparisons often hurt - but they are necessary to show us that things are often more complex than they seem. Is Europe as "green" as it claims to be? A comparison with the 'White Man's Burden' reveals new insights.

The European elections brought a turnout of 42.5%. Did the campaigns not whet the voters' linguistic appetites? Our columnist analyses the language of the election posters: from cold beer to hot air

In financial and ratification crises, it's hard to nominate a TOP European. If your favourite is Danish even name confusions may occur. Nevertheless, our columnist is sure: Anders Fogh Rasmussen is Europe's TOP!

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