One of the most common accusations against the EU is that some of its guidelines are far from reality, in a farcical sort of way. But maybe this argument will lose its apparent force soon, with the indicator of hope being ... a cucumber.

Each of them should be given a chance...

Two important legal events mark the beginning of July. First, cucumbers, carrots and 24 other types of fruit and veg return to EU supermarkets in their natural shape. After being wiped out for many years again and again, the curvy and crooked brothers and sisters of the shiny selection we have grown up with are celebrating their comeback. Let us all pay our dues and reintegrate them with the greatest respect.

The second great event is a decision of the German Constitutional Court (Judgment of 30 June 2009 - 2 BvE 2/08, 2 BvE 5/08, 2 BvR 1010/08, 2 BvR 1022/08, 2 BvR 1259/08 and 2 BvR 182/09) following a legal action by several Members of the Bundestag unhappy with the Treaty of Lisbon. The good news is that the Treaty has been held to be compatible with the Basic Law.

However, sceptics celebrate the court for what it said about European integration. The judges doubt the current support of the European Union by ordinary European people and stress the sovereignty of the member states.

Indeed, a celebration is necessary: a celebration of a valuable hint on the one hand for EU institution officials and on the other hand for EU citizens. The first group should be more pro-active. The direction is right. After having reintegrated excluded fruit you may now move on the reintegration of excluded humans. The second group should be more receptive. Although you are given great chances to shape the Union, many of you prefer the cosiness of political oblivion. If you want more than the choice between straight and crooked cucumber, begin your participation at the next EU parliament elections.

Let's not stop half way. Let's finish what we have begun!

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