Only practice makes perfect

Written by Przemysław Jóźwik

During the "Do you speak European?" workshop we were asked to draw on paper our life plan for the future. Laura Onița was almost the only person who tackled it with real passion: at first she made a sketch with a pencil and then she drew a direct path of her future in the next 15 years, marking every important event precisely. She has wanted to be a journalist since she was a little girl. And she is on the best way to becoming one.

When I asked her why she decided to study in the UK, which is more than 2000 km from her home in Sebeș, Romania, she looked straight at me and told me: "I just like taking risks."

"I'd never thought before about studying abroad," she continued, "until one time when a lady came to our high school and simply told us about such a possibility." It wasn't a difficult choice for her. Laura is determined to do her best to become a good journalist and studying at the Anglia Ruskin University with its practical programme is obviously a good step.

Laura is already an experienced journalist - she writes for many media platforms. And she was a correspondent at the International Theatre Festival/Fesitvalul International de Teatru de la Sibiu last year. She says that writing is not only her hobby but also her life. Actually, everything she does is associated with writing.

Photo: huffstutterrobertl (CC-NC)
"When I am in Romania and I put on my favourite old pair of shoes, I find that they still fit perfectly." 

When you are so involved in doing what you love, you always need to be prepared for difficult sacrifices. It is not easy to live about 2000 km away from home. In a different country, with a different culture, a different people, a different level of economic development, even if you speak English perfectly - as Laura does - life must be difficult. She obviously misses her family and her boyfriend. Of course, people in UK are polite and friendly to her but it is not her home and it will never be. For example, at the very beginning she used to greet by kissing on both cheeks - just as she would do in Romania - but English people found it rather strange, so she had to stop.

"When I am in Romania and I put on my favourite old pair of shoes and find that they still fit perfectly, then I feel totally comfortable and I have a great sense of familiarity," she puts it metaphorically. But she is an extremely persistent and consistent person. She knows what she wants and is doing everything to get it. It is difficult but it is the only way to be a good journalist. "I just have to remember to get married," she jokes, with a smile on her beautiful heart-shaped face.

Laura Onița is a responsible dreamer. I have known her for just a couple of days and I have already learned a lot from her. She wants to establish her own magazine called "The Story Teller,"  to interview her favourite journalist Gene Weingarten and to finish her Master Studies in the USA. When I asked her what her best article is going to be about, she answered that she doesn't know yet, but she will find out. And I am sure she will.

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