Madalina thinks a lot

Madalina is scared of the dark and spiders. And spiders in the dark. She thinks this is a primordial fear, and in one of the first discussions we had in Berlin, we spent about fifteen minutes trying to find out an explanation for her phobia. Yes, Madalina thinks a lot.

She likes being called Mad and enjoys her name precisely because "even if it's long, it can be used in a short form." She is 24 years old, was born in Bucharest, and has a 25 year old brother called Catalin.

- Is this last thing important for the profile? - I doubt it. She doubts too. "Well, it is if you consider social timetables. He is already married."

Yes, Madalina thinks a lot.

Photo: dmachiavello (CC-NC-SA)
Urgh! Social timetables do not make sense. Where is the surprise?!

She is concerned about social timetables because she thinks people tend to plan their lives under social pressures. This can create an unfair feeling of failure that Mad wants to avoid by creating her own timetables. So her brother's marital status doesn't really matter. 

The "Mad timetable" says that she should marry a guy after dating him for two years, though. This is because after that time, the couple already knows each other's virtues and flaws. Marriage means accepting both of them, whereas not having reached the "accepting point," which means there is something wrong in the relationship. Something that will probably get worse. 

Yes, Madalina thinks a lot.

She is actually half way through the two-year-rule with her boyfriend, a Spanish boy that she met during her Erasmus semester in Barcelona. Madalina doesn't include him when asked about the future, but only because "it's cheesy."

Instead, she draws a map of Brussels, the city where she wants to work; money that represents her desire to be independent from her family and a little class that symbolises how she wants to organise workshops about cultural diplomacy.

Madalina also draws a surprised face that looks a little bit like Casper, the friendly ghost, but it is actually supposed to be from "Scream," the movie. "This is because I want to be surprised in life," she says. Like when she got to Berlin and found out that it is in fact much more like the East than she had thought.

Thinking about her surprised future, Madalina sees it as a tree. The trunk represents the characteristics she wants to keep, like being open minded. Or open minded enough to be surprised to see the different options, but still keep the characteristics in her trunk.

Yes, Madalina thinks a lot.

This can be hard if people end up considering you too serious or a freak, but Madalina keeps a balance that makes her able to get on well with people from all backgrounds. As people notice from the bright colors she wears, she is a very cheerful person. So after all, Madalina also knows when she doesn't need to think so much.

She uses the metaphor of the "concentric circles" to represent these different levels of thought with friends. The people in the outside circle are those that you can talk to about the weather, while with those in the core circle, you can talk as much about weather as you can about the theory of relativity. Like Google+, except for the fact that Madalina came up with it first.

It seems that if you want to be part of the core circle in Mad's life, you need to like cats, though. Hers is big and is called Pisu Mare, which means "big cat" in Romanian. So, after all, at least once, Madalina didn't think so much.

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