The power of words: English version

The power of words

Also means

That no words

Mean no power.

Talking in other languages and words,

The power of words:

How free we feel, how limited,

To what extent the word we use is powerful?

Such a tangible and violent feeling that I want to be like you,

But that I hate you and I know that you are strangers to me.

We are alike, but there are differences I cannot ignore:

There is a point where we start speaking different languages.

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"There is a point where we start speaking different languages:" we present the poem.

Cross mountains, pass boundaries

Reach the sea, touch the stars

Walk alone among the crowd

But we all feel as a whole, for a reason.

But words can also tear us apart,

And give us reasons why we don't belong together.

Sarrazins and Camerons,

Have a powerful weapon in words.

A word can become a murder weapon.

With only one word, someone may be killed,

The same way a fly gets squashed with a broadsheet.

Only one word: the punishment and the reward.

My word is 'box', the lost and found box.

I've thrown in it a bunch of words,

Romanian ones that I have lost,

And British sayings that I've found. 

In cooperation with: Kulturstiftung.Compressed
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