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Calling all Europe & Me contributors! Have your say...

In spring 2011, Europe & Me won the Charlemagne Youth Prize. As many of you know, this prize isn't just a great honour: it also comes with €5000 prize money. We want to make sure that this money goes towards projects which will benefit the whole Europe & Me team (that means you!), and for that we need your help.

We have decided to invest €3000 in paying for one Europe & Me editor to work full time for the magazine, on the European Voluntary Service scheme. That editor will spend next year in Berlin, at the Citizens of Europe office. Having someone working full time for us will mean that we can organise more events besides the magazine (like workshops for authors, talks by politicians...) and will also help the whole of Europe & Me to run more smoothly. 

Still, that leaves €2000 - and this is where you come in. How do you think we should use the money? Write your suggestions in the "comments" section below. But be quick! We need your ideas by the 7th of July.

All suggestions are welcome - just make sure that they are directly related to Europe & Me.

When we have enough ideas, we are hoping to organise an online vote, so that all authors will be able to choose their favourite idea. We're looking forward to finding out what you think!

Thank you for completing this survey. We will read all responses carefully.

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