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…the new editorial board. We are excited to introduce Alex from Bulgaria, Isabell from Germany, Justine from France, Sam from the UK and Victoria from France. With five new editors, our board is now complete and everyone is already eagerly working on the upcoming issue for April. But first, we want you to get to know the new faces at E&M.

May I introduce all
Photo courtesy of Isabell Wutz 

Alex is from Bulgaria, but currently living in Poland. He used to be a pseudo intellectual of sorts, but after a recent cathartic about-face, he recently started to work in a multi-national corporation in Poland. Brought up by a pack of wolves, he despises cars everywhere and is complimented for his zany remarks in inappropriate moments. For him, Europe means ever so titillating waves of post-traumatic chill. Alex decided to become part of E&M to push towards more sincerity in discussing present-day Europe. While working as editor for Diaphragm, a glass of good rum always seems to do the trick.

Isabell is from the southern part of Germany but moved to the Netherlands to study art, media and society. For periods longer than six months, she has only lived in cities that start with the letter T. For her, Europe is a feeling of togetherness, responsibility and privilege. Isabell decided to become an editor at E&M to criticise, discuss and encourage the European idea. While working for Sixth Sense, she enjoys a chai latte. When speaking German, she has always been complimented for her rolling R, a sign of her southern German origin.

Justine is from Paris. She studies European politics at University College London. She has become an editor at E&M because she truly believes in a European identity and culture and is proud to be able to promote it through Sixth Sense. She could live without coffee and while working for the Sixth Sense section she is always eating an apple.

Sam grew up in Newcastle, north-east England. He once convinced half of his teachers that he had attended Prince William's wedding. Having graduated from the University of Oxford in 2015, he is currently spending his time surrounded by job applications and half-baked freelance writing ideas. He has received the most compliments for his gift-buying or his ability to fall off literally any surface or piece of furniture. For him, looking at the way America refers to Europe as 'the old continent' is telling — what he finds most interesting in Europe is how it is slowly dealing with being eclipsed by Asia and the Americas. Because he likes deadlines and copy-editing, he decided to join E&M and is now responsible for Diaphragm. While working for E&M he drinks too much.

Victoria is originally from Paris but currently lives in London, where she is a final year German and history student at University College London. She is probably the worst singer you could ever meet and would beat anyone in this category whereas she has been complimented for her burger eating capabilities. For her, Europe is a mentality, a culture and a way of seeing the world that we Europeans all share and should take advantage of. Victoria decided to join E&M because she loves the idea of a project promoting Europe "from below" in a young and dynamic environment, highlighting both our European identity and national differences. While editing E&M´s sections Brain and Baby, she drinks loads of tea. 

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If the Editorial team had an actual office it would have to stretch from the corner of Britain to the edges of Spain, Sweden, Germany and beyond. (With frequent trips to America too) .  The term 'from the editorial office' then, is very much a figure of speech. 

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