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Wired in #22: Gandhi's Gunn

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Now here's a band for all the hard rock fans out there! Ghandi's Gunn is a stoner rock band from Genoa, Italy that just got their first album out with an independent record label last year. They have a truly developed, dark sound and play some powerful riffs. Their stage experience combined with their singer's extraordinary voice definitely makes this band special and definitely worth checking out! Read E&M's interview with  all the band members and find out what they think about Genoa's music scene, stoner rock, and EU politics.


E&M: So, what's the lifestyle of an Italian stoner rock band like?

Hobo: It's the lifestyle of someone who is somewhere between living for the music and struggling to survive for all the rest.

E&M: Is there a big rock scene in Genoa?

Maso: We are in good company, but it’s not easy to gain visibility and in our town there are bands who deserve something more, like Vanessa van Basten, Stalker, 2Novembre, PEK …. Unfortunately in Italy there is not a strong rock culture and commercial, melodic pop is what people like the most.

E&M: I saw that you've already been playing with bands from all over the world. What was that like, how did you meet them?

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Wired in: Interview with Parker Higgins from SoundCloud

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For weeks now, I’ve been reporting about great new bands from all across Europe. This was possible, of course, only because I was always able to access their profiles online and contact them. So, recently I couldn’t help but wonder how much the internet has changed how we experience music and whether that means fans can get in touch with their favorite bands more directly. Parker Higgins is a Community Manager at SoundCloud and told me about a few fun ways you can get involved in the music scene and meet up with musicians you love.

E&M: Most start-up companies are based in the U.S. these days. How did Soundcloud come about? 

PH: I wasn't there when it was founded, but the legend goes that the two founders, Alex Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, were frustrated with the options for sending large audio files around. When you're a sound creator, that's important. Whether you're trying to get a backing track to a vocalist or a raw track to get mastered, you want to send a big file somehow. At the same time, they realised that such a platform would be great for anybody who's making and recording sound, which is a group that's growing as we carry around sophisticated recording devices in our phones and laptops and tablets all the time. Eric and Alex lived in Sweden then, but wanted SoundCloud to start in Berlin. This city is one of the hubs of a growing European start-up movement, the city is well known for supporting creative people from all over the world, and the music and arts scene is really reflected in the way SoundCloud looks and works.

E&M: We report about musicians all the time. But I'm also wondering what possibilities there are for fans to get involved in the music scene...

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Wired In band Review: Manel

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In a Wired In special, Heart editor Marta Martinez reviews a band from Barcelona. Manel are a band who sing in Catalan and have the perfect sound for the final throes of summer.

My perfect summer picture is lying on a rocky beach of the Costa Brava, drinking orxata and staring at the soft waves of the Mediterranean sea while the sun sets. The prefect soundtrack is easy: "Al mar" (To the sea) by the Barcelona band Manel. 



Four years ago, Manel were just four school friends who used to play some music in their free time, unaware of any music trend that would rocket them into stardom –they even had that ridiculous ukelele, who was going to success with that in Spain?

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Wired in #21: Ice Black Birds

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I know this isn't really the first band from Brighton I'm reporting about and definitely not the first British rock band. But all the rock and blues fans need to check them out: If you’re into dirty guitar riffs and a bluesy sound, Ice Black Birds is your band. They already have a bunch of highly acclaimed singles out there and are either working hard in the studio or touring the world for concerts, they certainly always living the rock’n roll lifestyle. For all the other fun things the guys are up to, check their blog and make sure to watch out for their very first record which is coming out soon!

E&M: Tell us a bit about your trip to NYC and Austin, Texas in March. Did you ever have a moment where you felt particularly European?

IBB: Yeah, it was very different in a really good way. The culture is great and the country is so vast you really feel like you’re on an adventure. There was one culture shock incident where we were in a very busy deli in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to get some food and Sam brought the impatient queue to a standstill when innocently spotting and asking for a "pain au chocolat" to which the clerk and whole queue went blank to the elusive choice, in their haste and confusion the clerk pulled out numerous pastry based confectionary for Sam to give a simple yes/no answer, after going through all the possibilities eventually sourced the request. To which Sam confirmed the choice and already feeling guilty and embarrassed for holding up twenty people,  the Clerk responded "Oh, you mean a ‘chocolate croissant’!'" and a woman in the queue piped, "He ALREADY pointed at that!" of course being corrected about the correct name is a bit of a shock! And a mistake made by their part towards a European food, yes, makes you feel particularly European.

E&M: Your tour around Europe this year was very successful. Do you still remember your very first concert together as a band?

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