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We can happily announce that E&M has been awarded the UK nomination to the Charlemagne Youth prize 2011! 

The Charlemagne Youth Prize is organised by the European Parliament and the Foundation of the International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen and is awarded for projects that foster a shared sense of European identity and cooperation. Every country nominates one project (“national winner”) that then gets invited to Aachen for the European final prize.

We would like to thank the UK committee for awarding us this nomination (and for making us winners for the second year in a row!) and we look forward to representing E&M at the European final in Aachen, 31st May 2011.

We wanted to demonstrate all the progress that this project has made during the last year, and then we remembered all those Europeans who had helped us grow our community of readers and contributors, achieve the transnational adventure, run the workshop, and create the Sixth Sense. We realised that 2010/11 was a year in which the E&M project was revolutionised! 

We must thank the hundreds of dedicated authors, editors, and partners who have helped us to reach out to the whole of Europe like never before! And of course, most of all we would like to thank our readers for continually inspiring us with fantastic stories from across the continent. It's your input and interest that helps us carry on writing and sharing the many examples of how wonderfully diverse, amazing and interconnected Europe really is!  

Check out our winning summary!  

And keep your fingers crossed for us once more for the European prize. Save the date: 31st May 2011. 


Chris, Fabian, Fátima, Helya, Johannes, Laura, Lucy, Marta, Martin, and Matt

Friday, 11 February 2011 10:29

Two ways to change E&M, Express yourself!

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E&M is about making Europe more personal and we want our new Sixth Sense to be about YOU! That’s why we’re giving you two exciting opportunities to express yourself on our pages. With just one email you can paint our site with your own colour and sound.


We want to know what your corner of Europe looks like: Where is home? What’s your favourite view? Where’s the most stunning place you’ve visited? Share your images of Europe and be a part of our forthcoming interactive map of the continent.

There are only two rules; it has to be your own work, and it has to be truly unique. (some ideas: It could be a village scene, unique graffiti, fields, monuments, A painting, A photo, anything you can only find there… etc.) ~ And feel free to send more than one!


Rike Maier is setting up a weekly music blog exclusively for readers of E&M. Our aim is to cover unheard acts from across Europe. That’s where you come in: do you have a favourite local band that no one has heard about, or are your friends playing small venues for no money? All styles welcome, so send us their website/details and we’ll interview them and feature their music!

(Please supply: First name, age, and city/country with all submissions (so we can thank you for it!) and in option 1 a few sentences on what/where your ‘image’ is -  and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

E&M relies upon your inspiration, so show us what Europe means to you!

The E&M Editors x

Thursday, 06 January 2011 13:15

What is the 'Sixth Sense'?

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Sixth Sense is all about taking E&M's unique transnational perspective into live 'issue' journalism.

Sixth Sense is:

  • Keen intuition
  • A matrix of ideas
  • Our 6th body part ~ the life blogging platform

Bloggers include popular E&M authors: Christian Diemer, Janosch Jerman, Ziemowit Jozwik, Lauren Davis and Elise Haddad.

'Transnational' is the framework at the core of our writing, which lets us make connections across the continent and asks questions about our understanding of Europe.


We want to create a network of ideas across Europe – and that means involving YOU in exciting new projects for Sixth Sense. Coming very soon.....
  • Images of Europe, photos from across the continent - we'll be announcing how you can display your favourite corner of Europe to the world.
  • Become our Correspondent in....: A world event happens. Who is there? It's our correspondent in.... with a short account from the heart of the event...
Matt, Editor, 'Sixth Sense'
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